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JCE for Joomla - Inserting Links

Inserting Links

This page will show you how to use JCE to insert text links to both external and internal URLs, how to use an image as a link, how to put a link to a downloadable pdf, and how to put a link to an email adress.

Links to an External URL

It's very easy to insert links to an external url using the JCE editor.  The text that you use to form the link is called the 'anchor text' and is an important issue relating to optimizing your site for the search engines.

According to seo experts Moz, "SEO-friendly anchor text is succinct and relevant to the target page".  In this case I've used the text 'SEO-friendly anchor text' as the link.  This is much better than using the generic 'click here' or something similar and accurately describes where the link goes to.

How to Set Up a Text Link

Firstly, type in your text using appropriate anchor text as shown above.  Then highlight that text and click the 'hyperlink' tool in the toolbar.


 The text should already appear in the text field of the link dialog box - fill in the full url in the URL field.  If it's an external link you may want to ensure that if a visitor clicks the link, the site opens in a new window. That way visitors don't leave your site.  Select 'Opens in New Window' in the Target drop down list at the bottom of the link box under Attributes. Click Update


 This link is now a live link and looks like this from the front end.


live link


Links to an Internal URL

In the same way as linking to an external website, you can just as easily put a link to one of your internal pages. Again use some appropriate anchor text for example see my tutorial on basic editing with JCE.  Now click the insert link tool.  Instead of putting a URL in the URL field, look under the Links section and open the Menu > Main Menu until you see the menu link you want - in this case JCE Tutorial.  You don't want this page to open in a New Window so choose 'Open in Current Window' in the Target drop-down under Attributes.  Press Insert.  You now have a link to an internal menu item on your site.



Making an Image A Linksmalltraining

In the same way you inserted a link using text as an anchor you can use an image and make that image a link to either an external url, or an internal page.

In this case I'm going to insert an image and align it to the right side.

I've created a small image with some text on it.  Now just select the image and click the 'insert link' tool in the toolbar - then choose either your external URL or internal menu link as above.


 Putting a Link to a Downloadable PDF

First, you need to create and upload your PDF document into your Media Manager.  If you are going to have a lot of PDFs it's a good idea to create a folder in your media manager just for these.

Then create the Anchor Text just as you did above.  For example, you can download the instructions for Using JCE to Create Links in a PDF format.

It's good practice to state that the downloadable document is a PDF so visitors know what they're getting.



JEC's browse button opens in the root Media Manager.  So just find where you saved your PDF and select it.  In this case it's in my JCE folder, and I want it to open in a New Window.  Click Insert.


choose pdf

 And this is what it looks like from the frontend.



 Inserting a Link to an Email Address

This is just as easy using JCE.

Just type the text your want for example.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.  (This isn't a real email address).

Now I'm going to highlight the text 'Email me' and click the Insert Link tool.


Fill out the email address field and if you want to fill out the subject line.


Click Insert and you're done.  If a visitor clicks that link their email client will open with your email address and subject line filled in.

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