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JCE Configuring Profiles

JCE Editor Profiles

I always install the JCE Editor on my Joomla sites as I believe it is much better and easier to use than the default TinyMCE editor that ships with Joomla. It’s one of my ‘must have’ extensions, and it’s FREE, although there are some paid extensions available.

Whilst I’m not going to go through all of the JCE settings, there are a few that I always change to make life easier for me and my clients. This tutorial will cover those that I consider essential.

You can find the JCE settings via the Components menu once logged into the backend of your Joomla site.


jce editor

Editor Profiles

Select the Editor Profile Tab and you’ll see that JCE ships with several default profiles. We’re just going to edit the Default Profile for now. You can if you wish publish and edit some other profiles if you wish users editing from the front-end for example, to have fewer options.



Click the Default Profile to open.

Go to the Features and Layout Tab and scroll down until you see the editor toolbars.


features and layout

There are a great many tools in these toolbars and I’m going to remove quite a lot of the rarely used ones. The idea is to make the toolbars easier for clients to use and find what they need.

Simply hover over each tool to see what it is and remove those that you won’t use very often by dragging them down to the ‘Available Tools’ section. You can always put them back at a later date if necessary. You can also rearrange them to suit the way you work.


editor layout tools removed

Now we’re left with just 2 lines of tools and 2 empty lines. You can also drag the empty lines down to the ‘Available Tools’ section to make it even neater. Drag the double-pointed arrow on the right end of each row to move it.


editor layout clean

Save your settings

Plugin Parameters

Go to the Plugin Parameters tab and click the Clipboard Parameters tab on the left.


plugin parameters


clipboard parameters

Change the following:

  • Use Paste Dialog – Yes
  • Microsoft Word Cleanup – Yes
  • Strip Class Attributes – Yes
  • Remove all SPANS – Yes
  • Remove all styles – Yes

Save your changes.


clipboard parameters new


I set all these up to try to prevent lots of nasty code being inserted when users try copying and pasting direct from MS Word. My advice is to NEVER copy and paste your content from MS Word. Paste your content into Notepad first, remove all styling like bullets and extra paragraphs, then copy and paste from Notepad into the editor. You will then have to style the content but at least you don’t end up with masses of nasty coding.

See the Tutorial on Basic Content Editing using JCE for more information.

Move down to the Image Manager Tab and if you want to you can set up some default margins for Top, Right, Bottom and Left positions when you insert an image. This is optional. In the same way you can set up default image borders and alignment. You will still be able to set these on each individual image you insert.

Do make sure that the setting ‘Always include Dimensions’ is set to No.  If it's set to 'Yes' it can cause problems with your images not being responsive on smartphones etc.

That’s it.

You can if you choose, set up other defaults like links set to open in a new window or tables defaulted to a width of 100%. It’s up to you.

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